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Laki Logistics offers warehouse logistics right next to the airport, at 33a Suur-Sõjamäe Street.
The location has many advantages – it is near to the city centre and the Cargo Terminal, and has access to the Tallinn circuit. Thanks to the new railway viaduct, there is a fast connection with the Old City Harbour of Tallinn and Muuga Harbour.
The goods are loaded into the warehouse following the FIFO principle, which is particularly important when warehousing food products – products that arrived earlier must be used first, in order to avoid spoiling.
Our warehouse meets all the requirements for handling food products and has the necessary credentials. The approval number of our warehouse at 33a Suur-Sõjamäe Street, Tallinn is 2176.
The total area of the warehouse is approximately 3,500 m².

Warehouse for small packages
In addition to the main warehouse, there is a warehouse for smaller packages on the second floor of the building, with a total area of approximately 100 m².

Warehouse for pallets
For long-term warehousing, there is 3,000 m² of freight space for 3,000 EUR-pallets.

Cross-dock (CD) terminal
The cross-dock terminal has 600 m² of space for receipt, delivery and reloading of goods.

Warehouse for goods of specific sizes
We have an unheated PVC tent with 500 m² of floor space for warehousing goods of specific sizes.

Our primary services are:
• Loading and unloading of goods, receipt of goods to the warehouse
• Inspection of quantity and condition
• Sorting
• Marking
• Packaging
• Warehousing goods
• Assembly for delivery
• Regular inventory taking
• Cross-dock terminal services
• Archive warehousing
• Assembly of campaign packages

General terms and conditions for warehousing:



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