Laki Logistics

Warehouse logistics and transport

Laki Logistics is the leading provider of warehouse logistics and transport services whose goal is to provide top-notch services to customers. Our customers include both commodity owners and dealerships.

Our goal is to rely on long-term experience and a wide range of skills, providing high-quality logistics services to our customers.We strive for satisfaction by ensuring effective cooperation between all parties involved. We are committed to continuous development to meet rapidly changing market demands and always provide the best service.

24h service in Estonia

LTL/FTL transport

Project transport
Courier services

Why choose Laki Logistics:

State-of-the-art warehouse logistics and transport:

We specialize in warehouse logistics and transport services, providing the customer with the perfect logistics solution from the storage of goods to fast and safe delivery.

Flexibility and speed:

The foundations of our company are flexibility and speed. These principles have been endorsed by our long-term collaborators who value our ability to adapt to their changing needs.


Laki Logistics is a reliable partner whose mission is to be the preferred service provider. Our commitment to reliable service has helped us build strong and mutually beneficial relationships with our customers.

Personal approach:

When approaching each customer, we take into account their individual needs and wishes. In addition to standard solutions, we offer customized logistics solutions that exactly meet customers' expectations.