Laki Logistics offers regular transport services, various warehouse, customs and distribution services and transport within Estonia.

Our office and terminal spaces are logistically well located in the immediate vicinity of Tallinn airport and the Tallinn ring road.

There are terminals in major Estonian cities - Tallinn, Tartu, Pärnu, Rakvere and Jõhvi.

With a freight transport system spread throughout Estonia, Laki Logistics organizes the movement of goods in Estonia, combining both international and local cargo flows.

Laki Logistics offers the collection of import goods and the distribution of export goods, regular distribution transport from warehouses and one-time freight transport from one Estonian customer to another.

In its business activities, Laki Logistics is guided by the general terms and conditions of Estonian Logistics and Freight Forwarding Association, which in turn are in accordance with those of the Nordic Association of Freight Forwarders.

The main services are

  • Terminals in major Estonian cities such as Tallinn, Tartu,
    Pärnu, Rakvere and Jõhvi.
  • 24h service in Estonia.
  • 24h/48h connection with Riga, Vilnius, Kaunas, Helsinki and other
    major cities in the neighboring countries.
  • LTL / FTL transport.
  • Daily regular services to the Baltic states and Finland
    and regular connections to Eastern and Western Europe.
  • Fast solutions all over Europe, for time-critical shipments
    from small packages to full loads.
  • Project transport
  • Courier services
  • E-services

Transport equipment

  • Vans – up to 17m3
  • Tailgate trucks – up to 22 EUR-plt
  • Tent trailers – 100-120m3
  • Thermal trailers

Parcel delivery

We guarantee delivery across Estonia and to the nearest big cities, including Helsinki, Riga, Vilnius and other major cities, by the next working day. We offer both B2C services for individuals and B2B services from company to company.

Courier services

Our express couriers operate within and near Tallinn. By using our courier services, you can focus on your core business and let our couriers deliver your small shipments efficiently. You can choose the speed of service according to your needs.

International transport

We guarantee daily regular services to the Baltic states. Our services include fast solutions within Europe, from small packages to full loads. We also offer more economical solutions for less urgent shipments. We carry out pick-up and distribution transport all over Estonia.

Express shipments

We offer the fastest possible delivery from sender to receiver without reloading. Our express delivery services cover everything from small to large shipments.

Project transport

We transport oversized and bulky goods, ensuring their safe and efficient movement.